[publ] UbiStock

Beckmann, C. and Schirmer, M.

Student project, supervised by Tom Gross and Thilo Paul-Stueve.

This prototype application has been designed to explore the possibilities and limitations of Ubiquitous Computing. It displays stock items as spheres which are constantly flowing through space. Each sphere is mapped to a stock item and reflects changes in the stock’s share value. By means of colour, pulsation and movement speed, these changes are visible from the corner of one’s eye.

The prototype consists of two components, one being the UbiStock software and a Wacom Cintiq as hardware component. The unique Cintiq display allows direct manipulation through a stylus pen and has been very helpful to realise one of the main requirements of UbiComp systems: natural input methods.

We would like to thank Thilo Paul-Stueve for many creative and inspiring discussions which helped a lot to focus on the ubiquitous elements in the prototype.


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